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Optimize Your FERS Retirement with Three Simple Steps.

Uncover the Keys to Financial Success in Your FERS Retirement with Three Essential Steps. Maximize Your Benefits, Secure Your Finances, and Embrace a Prosperous Retirement Journey!

Here Are The Steps

The Three Simple Steps To Optimize

Your FERS Retirement

The Three Simple Steps To Optimize Your FERS Retirement


Book Your FERS Discovery Call

Schedule Your Personalized Discovery Call Today for Expert Guidance and Insight into Your Federal Retirement.


Optimize All Your


Unlock the Full Spectrum of Your Benefits – A Comprehensive Approach to Optimizing Your Financial Well-being and Securing a Brighter Future.


Create Your Ideal


A Tailored Approach to Creating the Ideal Post-Career Life. Discover Personalized Strategies for Financial Security, Fulfillment, and Peace of Mind.

As An Addition...

This is What You Will Receive with Just Call Melinda's FedWealth Maximizer System

How It Works...

A FERS Retirement Pension Analysis Report

Your customized report will provide a visual side-by-side comparison based on when you want to retire versus an optimized monthly pension annuity projection so you can make a thoughtful retirement decision when locking in your future monthly annuity income.

A FEGLI Employee Analysis


Your personalized report detailing your current death benefits based on what coverages you have: Basic Life, Options A, B and/or C plus project the rising costs of keeping some options into retirement. Together, we will discover how to achieve peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones with thoughtful estate planning strategies regardless of your marital status during our family and legacy planning discussion.

A Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Educational Report

This report will showcase the recent performance of each individual fund and the Lifecycle funds, discuss how TSP works, Traditional and Roth options and highlight the historical data to show how to optimize the TSP during your career and retirement savings and accumulation years.


A personalized Estimated

Income Worksheet

This comes with up to 3 customized GROSS monthly annuity income projections
These estimates are based on three projected retirement ages, your estimated High-3 average salary, and your years of creditable service in order to created your ideal retirement monthly annuity income plan.


A Personalized Estimated Deduction Worksheet

Along with our offerings, we present you with a personalized Estimated Deduction Worksheet. This is tailored to your specific situation, showcasing precisely the NET retirement income you can anticipate based on your current expenses and lifestyle. It's a personalized roadmap to help you align your retirement goals with your financial reality.


A Debt Reduction


If you find yourself grappling with more than $10k in credit card or personal loan debt, we offer an additional perk: a complimentary assessment and worksheet as the third bonus. This tool will help you navigate and manage this debt, allowing you to focus on securing your retirement and future financial stability.

Schedule your consultation today and let's get started on your path to a prosperous retirement!

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